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When putting together the various family histories, there are a few things that have been very helpful:

1. Having parents or grandparents who had been savers: pictures, obituaries, postcards, certificates, etc.

2. Living in Iowa City where one of the State Historical Libraries is located with its censuses, land plats, newspapers, etc.

3. Others in the various families willing to share their information to enhance the collection.

4. Knowing Dr. Gerhard Naeseth of the Genealogical Center in Madison, WI (Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library) as a very knowledgable resource.

Living in Decorah [Iowa] in the sixties and seventies, we attended many Sander reunions (Mrs. Gustav Johnson was a Sander) and Bill Johnson would comment that he knew quite a lot about his Sander relatives but not very much about his dad’s side of the family. So that started the research on the Johnson Family History.

In the late seventies, having moved to Iowa City, by doing much letter writing and aided by the help and expertise of the aforementioned Gerhard Naeseth, the data began to be accumulated.

Birth and marriage certificates were obtained from the Archives in Oslo, Norway; birth, death and emigration from the Norwegian church records are very useful, and I researched those a couple of times at the Salt Lake City Family History Library. Census records, old newspapers, plat books are available for use at the State Historical Library.

And maybe best of all, my mother-in-law [Lillie (JOHNSON) Williams] had been a saver and had handed down many pictures, obituaries, newspaper articles, etc. We had learned enough so that in 1986 when we spent a semester in Norway, we were able to travel to and take pictures of the home farm – Huusmoe – of Anna Gurine, the mother of Gustav Johnson. So for a Johnson ‘Cousin’ family reunion in 1992, I put together this book I call Gustav Johnson Descendants.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Map of Norway with Counties and Towns

Norway Map.
Map of Norway including fylker and kommuner. Image courtesy of Norwegian Automobile Federation.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pedigree Chart for Gustav JOHNSON (1855-1934)

Pedigree Chart. Gustav JOHNSON (1855-1934). Image courtesy of Williams Family Pages

Friday, January 7, 2011


Street sign. Husmovegen. Image courtesy of Verla Williams (1986).

Husmo farmhouse. Image courtesy of Verla Williams (1986).

Husmo farmhouse. Image courtesy of Verla Williams (1986).

Husmo farm building. Image courtesy of Verla Williams (1986).

"Husmo," Nes på Romerike: Gardshistorie

Birger Kirkeby, ed., "Husmo," Nes på Romerike: Gardshistorie, Bind IV (Nes Kommune, 1958) p. 133. Image courtesy of University of North Dakota Library.

Husmo is situated on the plain east of Glomma and borders on the north to Hennie, on the east to Folmoe and on the south to Løken. The entire infield to Southern Husmo is clear, some minor hills, grazing land. The Earth is significantly sand mold. In some places there is sand mixed clay, and at 45 goals which is newly cultivated after 1925, the so-called mojord. Most of Northern Husmo is simply, quite right to Hennie and west towards Glomma. Also on Northern Husmo the soil is sand mold with a little clay mold in some places.

[The] name Husmo was in old Norwegian time Husamór. It is likely that the first syllable has the same meaning as in the name Huseby (Husby). It is clear that the farms with the name Huseby (gl.norsk Husabýr) had a special feature of the old administrative system in the Viking era and before. O. Rygh thinks the name "the greatest Sand synlighed explained that a well developed Gaard, there are many, good or prægtige Huse." Magnus Olsen, claimed later that the name "also seems to have a special meaning that aims at political-administrative matters." It is reasonable to assume that the farms which were the seat of the king's bailiffs had "many good and prægtige Huse." The Ombudsman would have to take the king and his entourage when he was at a feast, and the Ombudsman himself may have housing for a smaller military force. We see that Huseby-farms common are strategically beneficial to. It also makes Husmo. It is likely that the farm had the same function as a Huseby farm. Further, we can not get into this here. It belongs to the village's history. The name was written in 1499 Hwsmo, in 1578 Hussmou, in 1666 Huussmoe.
NOTE: English translation by Google Translate.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Husmo," Nes på Romerike: Pål Olsen Skeksrud

From the section on the Husmo farm in the Nes på Romerike bygdebok we can begin to verify the ancestors of Anna Gurina (Huusmoe) JOHNSON.

Birger Kirkeby, ed. "Husmo," Nes på Romerike (Nes Kommune, 1958) pp. 151-152. Images courtesy of University of North Dakota Library.

The relevant paragraphs as translated by Google Translate (with some help) are as follows:
. . . PÅL OLSEN from Skreksrud, married in 1743 Boel Saksesdtr from Upper Skøyen (1718-84). Children: Ole, born 1744, married in 1773 Gudbjørg Jakobsdtr, a widow from Skøyen, he married 2ndly in 1774 Berte Eriksdtr from Løken; Arne (1746-55); Sakse (see below), Anne, born 1750, married in 1774 Halvor Gudmundsen Girud. Boel Saksesdtr was married a 2nd time in 1751 to:

SØREN GULBRANDSEN from Northern Strøm (1720-56), user until he died in 1756. Children: Pål, born 1753, Gulbrand (1755-88). Boel was then in 1756 married to:

HANS ANDERSEN from Mangen (ca. 1732-64). Children: Søren, born 1757, was user at Bjørke, Anders, born 1760, Berte (1762-63). The oldest son of Boel Saksesdtr took over and got lease letters from Nils Holter in 1780: SAKSE P
ÅLSEN (1747-1828), married in 1780 Mari Persdtr from Lower Røtnes (1750-84). Children: Berte, born 1781, married Embret Andersen from Southern Løken.

The shift after Mari was settled in 1785 at 198½ rd. in assets and 170½ rd. in debt. 3 horses, 10 cattle, 12 sheep, 4 goats and 1 pig. Mari had inherited 5 5/6 lsp. in Lower Røtnes. Farms here owned by Mrs. Holter at Hvam. Sakse was married a 2nd time in 1785 to Anne Pålsdtr from Horgen in Fenstad (1755-1788) and a 3rd time in 1789 to Kari Andersdtr from Funni (1765-1837). Children: Anne Maria, born and died 1790, Anders, born and died 1791, Pål, born and died 1793, Pål (see next), Anders, born 1796, Gulbrand (see below).

Councilor Nils Holter deeded in 1784 the farm here for 799 rd. to his mother Anna Holter at Hvam. Assessor Niels Nielson received the deed to 1/12 of the farm from Helle Dorph in 1791 and to 1/3 in 1812 for 500 rd. from Christen Holter and to 1/3 in 1813 from Jacob Tybring and finally the rest from Jon Collett Müller and H. F. Grønvold et al. in 1821 and 1822. Nielson leased the farm to the eldest son of Sakse Pålsen:


PÅL SAKSESEN, born 1794, married in 1827 Mari Hansdtr from Hennie, children born here: Hans Sigvart, born 1821, Caroline Mary, born 1824, Anne Gorine, born 1827, Oleana, born 1830. Pål moved the family to Bjørke, and his brother took over the farm:

Gulbrand SAKSESEN, born 1799, died before 1868, married in 1825 to Kari Gulbrandsdtr from Upper Skøyen (1803-68). Children: Grethe Karoline (see below), Søren (see next), Anne Gurine, born 1831, married in 1861 to tailor Andreas Løvlien from Kongsberg, Gulbrand, born 1834, to America, Berte Andre
a, born 1837, Andreas, born 1839, married Gina Olivia Jensdtr Husmo, traveled to America in 1869, Indiane, born 1841, died 1932, married M. Christensen, Kongsvinger, Susanne, born 1844, married in 1864 to goldsmith Christian Gudmundsen from Ovri, to America.

Gulbrand Saksesen got the deed to the farm (2/3 of half S. Husmo) from the widow after councilor and magistrate Nielson in 1838 for 1000 spd. Gulbrand was a sound man and received in 1838 a license to put the Glomma by "Hennisund" for 70 spd. years and shore duty. Shortly after the scheme was that Gulbrand should have 500 rd. once and for all. In 1846 he sold half the farm to his son Søren for 800 rd. (Skylddeling 1847, 7). The rest Gulbrand sold in 1849 son-in-law Lars Engebretsen (see Husmo Flaen, 7). . . .
This confirms Anne Gurine's parents on Gustav's pedigree chart: Gulbrand Saksesen Husmo and Kari Gulbrandsdtr Øvre Skøyen. Gulbrand's parents were Sakse Pålsen Husmo and Kari Andersdtr Funni and Sakse's parents were Pål Olsen Skeksrud and Boel Saksedtr Øvre Skøyen. To go further back we will need to check the Skeksrud farm's history.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Andrew and Anna JOHNSON

Andrew and Anna JOHNSON (Bef. 1908). Images courtesy of Verla Williams.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Birth Certificate: Andreas JOHANSEN Løvlien

Certificate of Birth. Andreas JOHANSEN Løvlien (8 Aug 1835). Oslo: Statsarkivet, 1981. Image courtesy of Verla Williams.


In the parish register No. 8 (1816-1838) for Kongsberg parish, page 470, number 15, is introduced that

A n d r e a s

son of silverworker Johan Larsen Løvlien and wife Berthe Chathrine Andreasdatter, was born on 8 - eighth - august 1835 - eighteen thirty-five - and was christened on 4 - fourth - april 1836 - eighteen thirty-six.

Oslo, 23 March 1981
by proxy
Alfhild Nakken
[English translation by Google.]

Digitalarkivet also has a copy of the Kongsberg parish record that contains Andreas' birth and baptismal dates.

Detail of Buskerud fylke, Kongsberg, Ministerialbok nr. 8 (1816-1839), Fødte og døpte 1836, side 470-471. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Birth Certificate: Anne Gorine GULBRANDSDTR Huusmog

Certificate of Birth
. Anne Gorine GULBRANDSDTR Huusmog (29 Mar 1831). Oslo: Statsarkivet, 1981. Image courtesy of Verla Williams.


In the parish register No. I/5 (1815-1835) for Nes parish, page 359, number 25, is introduced that

A n n e  G o r i n e

daughter of Gulbrand Saxesen Huusmog and Kari Gulbrandsdatter, was born on 29 - twenty-ninth - march 1831 - eighteen thirty-one - and was christened on 24 - twenty-fourth - april the same year. Oslo, 23 March 1981 by proxy Alfhild Nakken [English translation by Google.]

Digitalarkivet also has a copy of the Nes parish record that contains Anne Gorine's birth and baptismal dates.

Detail of SAO, Nes prestekontor Kirkebøker, F/Fa/L0005: Ministerialbok nr. I 5, 1815-1835, s. 358-359.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Marriage Certificate: Andrew and Anna JOHNSON

Certificate of Marriage. Andreas Løvlien and Anne Gørine Gulbrandsdatter (11 Oct 1861). Image courtesy of Verla Williams.


In the parish register No. I/8 (1859-1874) for Nes parish, fol. 287b, nr. 27, is introduced that bachelor, master tailor

A n d r e a s  L ø v l i e n and girl A n n e  G ø r i n e  G u l b r a n d s d a t t e r

were married on 11. - eleventh - october 1861 - eighteen sixty-one -. He is stated to be 26 years old, son of silverworker Johan Larsen Løvlien. His birth and place of residence are given as O. Kongsberg. She is stated to be 30 years old, daughter of Gulbrand Saxesen Huusmoe. Her birthplace is given as Huusmoe. Oslo on 24 March 1981 by proxy Alfhild Nakken [English translation by Google.]

also has a copy of the parish record for this marriage.

Detail of SAO, Nes prestekontor Kirkebøker, F/Fa/L0008: Ministerialbok nr. I 8, 1859-1874, s. 288.