Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lily Viola JOHNSON: Confirmation (21 Apr 1907)

Confirmation portrait. Lillie Viola JOHNSON (Decorah, IA: Solberg, 1907). Image courtesy of Verla Williams.

Confirmation Memorial. Lily Viola JOHNSON (Glenwood Lutheran Church, Winneshiek, IA: 21 Apr 1907). Original courtesy of Verla Williams. Scan and digital composite by Mark D. Williams.

Konfirmations = Minde

Lily Viola Johnson
Födt 13de Juni 1892
Konfirmeret 21de April 1907
Glenwood Ev. Luth. Kirke
S. A. Scarve, prest.


Mark D. Williams said...

My guess is that Lillie may be holding the memorial document in her portrait.

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